What are your hours of operations?


What type of fabrics can you work on?

Almost any fabric, including leather that can fit in our very versatile sewing equipment

Can you alter sequin or beaded garments?

A vast majority of formal wear that has sewn on ornamental items, can be altered with very few exceptions. A final answer can be given upon inspection by one of our qualified staff members

Can you alter clothes while you wait?

Depending on the extent and scope of work involved, most items can be altered while you wait. From as quick as a few minutes to several hours or one day turnaround at the most.

What items can you alter or repair while you wait?

Typically, simple repairs or pants that need shortened or dresses hemmed, some zippers repaired or replaced as well.

What is the typical charge for pants hemmed or dress altered?

Typically, most pants can be hemmed for about $10.00, dresses and skirts are hemmed anywhere from $15 to $60, depending on fabric, design and complexity of the skill and time needed to complete the work.

What is the typical charge for suit alterations?

Most common suit alterations require shortening or lengthening of sleeves or making the torso bigger or smaller. These services typically run around $27.50 to 32.50